Powered by SMF 1. I was satisfied with the graphics provided by that apu and the extra CPU on the is well appreciated, but not if it interferes dramatically with battery life. True, you can upgrade the ram Is it only have single slot? Bitcoin Forum October 03, , The graphics refresh is the biggest improvement in the new APU.

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So, with the APU, you have ample of processor capacity for other tasks and smooth full HD video playback. With AA and AF disabled, it scores 46fps. Which one is more capable of gaming performance? Is it only have single slot? There is a difference between the Radeon andbecause the former can run up to MHz faster, but that speed increases only under heavy graphics tasks, such as gaming.

Also, if you aren’t experienced with laptop modifications I recommand you a pc for amd e-450 apu theft auto games because is a bit powerful and a bit cheaper than a laptop And if you really really want laptop ,I’d choose first amd e-450 apu Intel Core i3 CPU M 2.


Intel Core i3 U vs AMD E

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The dual CPU cores are not fast, even when compared to budget-class Intel counterparts, such as the latest Celeron processors. So, any comment on this aspect? Vixmore on April 17, I was satisfied with and graphics provided by that amd e-450 apu and the extra CPU on the is well appreciated, but not if it interferes dramatically with battery life.

Amd e-450 apu buy another computer for that when you can have just one, the right one from the get go. One of the important features on the E is the Unified Video Decoder 3, which provides hardware decoding of high-definition videos.

The reason for this is that you’re not going to be replacing the video card or CPU in a laptop Why not just save up some more money and get a better rig? Amd e-450 apu login or register. In which part you got the 3. I should have gone to core i series instead.

AMD E-450 & AMD Radeon HD 6320 Review with Benchmarks

Ideally something with at least a 3ghz cpu. Hero Member Offline Activity: I both this piece of crap and i e4-50 on full regret for buying AMD E Full Member Offline Activity: And my E boots within seconds.


Green Apple on April 17, Sometimes taking apart a amd e-450 apu is a mistake though. amd e-450 apu

A good laptop for usually internet matters, video and games! True, you can upgrade the ram Another upgrade is regarding memory clock. Your email address will not be published.

Your best amd e-450 apu would be to start building yourself a desktop Andrew on April 17, So, you can expect a slightly shorter battery life in gaming with the E, but also better video performance. Also, CPU clock speeds and memory clocks are almost the same.