Added job accounting support for tracking fax jobs. Device compatibility Added driver support for the following new devices: Officio paper size is not retained on the driver NLS: Try to increase resolution, enable Enhance fine lines , and enable Pixel Boost. Regardless of these fixes, print spool file size can be further improved by using image compression. Set the custom size as the default within Printing Preferences.

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Configures settings before lexmark universal print after driver installation. Application can’t override paper sizes Letter and Lexmark universal print Click here for additional information. This number will scale up only upon a significant change to the driver architecture. Set the custom size as the default within Printing Preferences. All driver release information and notifications found in this article pertain to both major and minor lexxmark version datastream PDL type.

Learn more about the Universal Print Driver. Operating System support announcements Removed support for Windows Server operating systems.

If you are using status monitor applications, then use only UPD 2. Continued certification support for Citrix XenApp 7. Addressed several problems with mixed paper sizes or mixed orientation for N-Up and booklet printing Lexmark universal print 2. Possible delay opening Printer Properties.


Various issues addressed with custom staple setting with Office Various issues lexmark universal print with printable area when using A4 paper New product lexmakr Addressed an issue for universql error situation on printing in a point and print environment Improved Novell client installation by using bi-directional communication when installing UPD on a client using a Novell IPP port Continued support for Citrix Ready XenApp 6.

Canceling from the Fax dialog sends a fax job to spooler and cancelled job remains in the print queue You can upgrade to Lexmark universal print 2. Previously, rotation often caused watermarks to be clipped off.

It is the same as 2. Do not upgrade to UPD 2. If you are using a private print lexmark universal print, then check the updates before installing this version to avoid losing specific fixes for your private print driver.

Fixes and improvements New user interface for Printer Driver Configuration Utility Watermarks are automatically repositioned lexmarm rotation to ensure they appear on the page. Normal — Use standard halftone screens. Fixes, improvements lexmark universal print new functionality. Fixed printing issues, including the following: Hence, it will no longer be listed under supported operating systems. Click here for a version that includes the phonebook.


Lexmark universal print of available presets in the Print Quality tab.

Language emulation specific symptoms fixed by UPD v2. If you are not using status monitor applications, then you can upgrade to UPD version 2. Printing Preferences and Printer Properties dynamically adapts to display driver settings characteristics that correspond lexmark universal print the options and peripherals detected or selected by the print driver.

Detail — Use alternate halftone screens designed for thin color lines and text lexmark universal print than uniformity and smoothness. Added certification support for: This is a user-specific directory. Paper available under General tab only shows one supported paper.

Fax cover page may not be sent New design allows driver to work side by side with previously installed UPD versions.