Page Enter the following information. Call Service Symbol 5. However, the jobs stored in the invalid queue can be printed when the correct department code is newly keyed in. Print Status Display Cont. Message Reproduction ratio Total copy quantity Currently selected drawer size Remaining paper level DUAL PAGE This function allows the facing pages of a book or magazine to be copied page by page onto 2 separate sheets of paper or duplex-copied on one sheet. Pausing print jobs The 11th job or later counting from the one in progress can be paused.

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Remove the paper, then close the guide. Close the duplexer guide. Time For Toshiba e600 Maintenance For the business that requires a higher level of toshiba e600 without a sacrifice in quality, the Toshiba e-STUDIO is the ideal choice. Continuous feed mode Align all the originals.

The following types are available. Printers Designed to deliver power and performance to small businesses and workgroups. Inserter Unit MJ 5. Using the zoom buttons toshiba e600 the one-touch zoom buttons Place paper in the drawer s.


Toshiba e600 a new staple case in the staple cartridge. Toner-Related Symbols Toner cover symbol Never toshibw to incinerate toner cartridges.

Enter the template name. Close the exit cover.

Toshiba E-STUDIO 600 Operator’s Manual For Basic Function

Press the drawer button corresponding to the one mentioned in the message on toshiba e600 touch panel. Open the drawer to remove the misfed paper.

Remove any jammed staples with some- thing sharp. User Safety Toshiba e Toshiba multifunctional digital systems does not produce toshiba e600 radiation hazardous to the user.

Multifunction Enhance your operational and financial performance toshiba e600 Toshiba’s toshiba e600 range. Government is subject to restrictions set forth in subdivision b 3 ii or c i ii of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software Clause set forth in Shake the new toner cartridge well to loosen the toner inside. See the following pages to set the originals.

Maximum number 17 – 20 lb.

Remove any jammed staples. Pull the handle of the stapler of the sad- dle stitch unit to release the lock. Call service symbol P. Rotate Sort Mode Rotate sort mode In the rotate sort mode, one set of copies is made to exit on another set of copies, being alternated length- wise or crosswise.


You can also place a pair of LT sized originals side by side and copy them on separate sheets of paper. Auto Job Start Job Toshiba e600 Deleting Folders Toshiba e600 Documents 7.

Paper size indicator You may also like. Call Service Toshiba e600 5.

Toshiba e code c

It avoids the back side of 2- sided originals becoming visible on the front side of the original through the copy. Toshiba e600 does not warrant that the functions contained in Software will meet your requirements or that the operation of Software will toshiba e600 uninterrupted or error free.

Since the equipment cannot be shut down with the control panel, reboot it with the power switch. Better manage day-to-day responsibilities and strategically improve operations toshiba e600 reduced expenses.