Intel Pentium M Processor 1. Battery life on this notebook is terrible, I actually got worse results. This system comes with an application and system recovery cd. So far this new Nvidia card has proved to be pretty nice, especially for my needs. Andrew The Satellite M45 certainly has features to like. I went to the store and checked this notebook out. The keyboard itself I also find quite nice.

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My family had decided we needed to take advantage of our wireless network by adding a notebook. Also included in the box is a recovery CD. Admittedly those numbers mean satellige than a pile of beans to me but the system seemed to handle anything up to toshiba m45 satellite newest stuff on highest settings just fine.

Toshiba Satellite M45 back view view larger image. Multitasking with several applications at once was nevert a problem. Left side of Toshiba Satellite M45 view larger image.

Most things that you can throw at this card it will handle easily. When I turn wireless on, it drops down to 2 hours left.

Toshiba Satellite M45 Full Review (pics, specs)

Toshiba Satellite M45 right-side view view larger image. And finally the graphics performance.


The Screen is absolutely beautiful even compared to my 17 inch desktop LCD. Dedicated graphics processors are almost always better toshoba integrated graphics processors.

The buttons are nicely recessed and have a much sturdier feel than toshiba m45 satellite ones I had seen on the previous M Toshiba Satellite M45 back view view larger image The back of the notebook has: Why this is, Toshiba m45 satellite have no idea. Basically, the M45 can serve well as a desktop replacement with its The case and lid could be a little stiffer to prevent any flexing Andrew Pros: Rechargeable 6-cell Lithium Ion Li-ion Toshiba Satellite M45 view larger image.

Toshiba Satellite MS Specs – CNET

I wanted the Nvidia card over ATI for better compatibility with the various programs I will have to use and for the kind of notebook I was looking at this is as good as it gets. I am toshiba m45 satellite big fan of the Toshiba Satellite M45 display. Toshiba Satellite M40 view larger image.

Shipping was superfast, even though I requested standard shipping it arrived within a couple of days. Andrew I echo what Peter says here.

The Satellite M45 certainly has features to like. My sister had an older Sony laptop and it required two hands to open the screen which I found quite annoying. The website states that toshiba m45 satellite battery takes up to toshiba m45 satellite hours to recharge while off and up to 12 while on.


Toshiba Satellite M45 Repair – iFixit

Toshiba Satellite M45 back view view larger image. This notebook has the following included toshiba m45 satellite You will be very happy with this purchase.

Andrew I am a big fan of the Toshiba Satellite M45 display. The look is nice on this notebook, a good amount of LED lights and the hardware buttons look nice.

One can only hope. Peter indicated that he was experiencing some frustration trying to figure out how to access the Express Card slot. The salesman was toshiba m45 satellite to convince me to get an AMD desktop processor in a notebook but after talking to him for a while, my knowledge of notebooks seemed to be a little greater.

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